The people of the United States of America must take action to renew the dependence of our nation on God. Payer according to II 7:14 is the answer.

Rickey "Joe" Story theaveragejoeforpresident has a purpose in life!

What is your God given purpose?


Individual people are created equal and as citizens of the United States of America they have equal rights.

We identify technology, training, and processes to bring America together as a team to achieve God's plan for our nation. 

OUR objectives

Citizen Politicians



we are traveling the country EVERYWHERE – to find the best and the brightest people for positions in the federal government. 

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God has a great sense of humor! He likes to watch His creation grow and follow Him. We need to enjoy life in this country. God has a plan!


  • Unleash the Spirit of America
  • Dependence on God
  • The Declaration of Independance 
  • The Constitution
  • The people
  • Government Efficiency